A holiday tip: Take 15 minutes this vacation to make a video of your possessions

SAN FRANCISCO — Step away from the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon over the holiday vacation and do yourself a huge favor. Grab your phone, put it on video mode and walk around your house for 15 minutes getting footage of every room, every wall and, if you can manage it, the inside of every drawer.

That’s the advice of insurance experts, who say if there’s one easy thing you can do to aid the insurance recovery process from any natural disaster, it’s having photos of your belongings.

Once you’ve got the video, upload it to the cloud (it’s free on Amazon, Dropbox and multiple other sites). You can then go back to your cookie making or football viewing secure in the knowledge you’ll at least have a chance of accurately creating an  inventory should disaster strike.

“Don’t worry about your house being messy. It’s more important to do the video than waiting until it’s clean!” said Janet Ruiz, a California representative with the Insurance Information Institute.

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